DC LP 2017

  Any person registered to vote as a Libertarian in Washington, D.C. or interested in becoming a member of the Libertarian Party of Washington, D.C.
RE: Indication of Interest to Re-Establish the Libertarian Party of Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C. Libertarians,
This past election cycle saw great strides taken by the Libertarian Party in Washington, D.C. Now, we need your help to officially re-establish the local Libertarian Party of D.C. so we can capitalize on this success.
The 2016 election cycle saw three Libertarian candidates on the ballot in D.C.: Martin Moulton, Matt Klokel, and Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson.  In particular, Moulton and Klokel ran as Libertarians for local D.C. offices even though the Libertarian Party was not officially recognized by the DC Board of Elections in 2016. Moulton and Klokel put themselves “into the arena” in a very real way, and their campaigns earned enough votes to begin the process of having the Libertarian Party officially recognized by the Washington, D.C. government once again. Anyone that cares about the voice of Liberty being heard within the boundaries of the District of Columbia owes Martin Moulton, Matt Klokel and everyone who volunteered for them a big “Thank You” for all of their efforts.
Now, we need to act to make sure that D.C. does in fact officially recognize the LP again.
Even though our candidates received enough votes to achieve Major Party status in D.C., there is still a process that needs to be followed for that to actually happen. Paperwork needs to be completed. Administrative items need to be taken care of. These action items are not sexy, but they are desperately needed to make sure that we can build on the foundation that was laid in 2016 and can maintain our Major Party status in the future. 
We are looking to hold an initial meeting of the Libertarian Party of D.C., and are targeting sometime in the first quarter of 2017. This meeting will only be open to people who are registered to vote as Libertarians in Washington, D.C. 
At this meeting we will be able to elect officers, which is one of the first steps needed to officially restart the local party. We are in the very early stages of securing a location for the meeting, but in order to do that we need to have a sense of how many people might be interested and willing to participate in this first meeting. Having a general head count will allow us to get a space of appropriate size.
We are asking the following:
1)       If you are registered to vote as a Libertarian in D.C. and are interested in attending an initial meeting, please either respond to this or send an email to Libertarianpartyofdc@gmail.com
2)       If you are a D.C. resident, but are NOT registered as a Libertarian in D.C., please use the following link to register as a Libertarian in D.C. The whole process takes about 6 minutes and is free of charge: https://www.vote4dc.com/UpdateApply/SearchOldVoter
3)       Please forward this on to anyone you think may be interested in lending a hand.
For far too long, D.Chas been a “one party” state. We now have the opportunity to change that. It will take time and hard work. We look forward to taking a stand for Liberty with you.
Yours in Liberty,
The Libertarian Party of the District of Columbia 



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