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Libertarians on WPFW

It can be heard online at WPFW.. See March 27th, 11 am Democracy Politics Hour. Our segment runs from minute 30 to 45.

Martin Moulton, Libertarian for Statehood “Shadow” Representative reports

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Deborah Simmons, WashingtonTimes/@No1newshen (follow her twitter), who 
interviewed us instead of Eugene Kinlow (who was away), opened our segment 
with “I love Libertarians!” … “Libertarians suggest freedom!” She echoed
 several of Pranav’s points. Even in the previous segment, she kept bringing up —
 with democratic “the rent is too darn high slate” — the issue of DC being hampered
 by being such a one party town. Kinlow did organize the protest in which I 
was arrested in 2011, 

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With only 15 min, it was just enough time for two of us to make some good points.

Libertarian Pranav Badhwar debates in Ward 6 forum tonight

Ward 6 City Council Candidates’ Forum
March 6, 2014
Stuart Hobson Middle School
6:30 – 8 p.m.
Welcome – 2 minutes
Dawn Clemens, Principal, Capitol Hill Cluster School
Forum Format and Introduction of Moderator – 2 minutes
          Joe Weedon, CHPSPO
Forum Ground Rules and Introduction of Candidates – 2 minutes
          Emma Brown, The Washington Post, Moderator
Opening Statements by the Candidates – 6 minutes (2 minutes each)
          Charles Allen
          Pranav Badhwar
          Darrel Thompson
Questions from Students, CHPSPO and Moderator – 25 minutes (90 second responses)
          Shaylah Jackson (Eliot-Hine Middle School)
           ??? (Jefferson Middle School)
          Cara Lynn Blount (Stuart Hobson Middle School)
Zahra Henderson (Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan)
Joe Weedon representing CHPSPO
Emma Brown, moderator
Questions from the Audience – 30 minutes
Concluding Statements from Candidates – 6 minutes (2 minutes each)
Appreciation to Candidates, Moderator, and Students – Joe Weedon – 2 minutes

Emma Brown, Moderator

Pranav Badhwar, Ward 6 Libertarian for City Council, launches website

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Become a Volunteer
“The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.” – John Locke
I am running for DC Council specifically to reduce the cost of living and expand economic opportunity by curbing the parts of government that reward cronies while abusing citizens.

Instead of simply shifting resources to interest groups, government should offer real solutions to problems. Solutions which protect individual rights, not violate them. Solutions which treat root causes, not waste money on symptoms. Solutions which empower individuals to succeed, not trap them in need.

Because root causes of problems are often unclear, action that would help is considered unrealistic or not good enough. So the poor continue to suffer while special interest groups and politicians haggle over projects that do more harm than good. My platform offers common sense options that would take great strides in allowing the citizens of DC to be entrepreneurs and create jobs in unique ways. At the end of the day, government should free people to creatively contribute to the community in their own way.
  • Eliminate restrictions on renting out one’s own home and offering alternative transportation services. Excessive restrictions obstruct start-ups and favor large corporations when it comes to affordable housing and transportation.
  • Focus law enforcement on real crime, and off of non-violent drug offences. Laws severely punish those who use drugs but harm no one else, stunting their ability to work, live, leave behind their addictions, and find meaningful lives. Keeping priorities on point reduces violent crime, homelessness, and joblessness.
  • Empower parents and teachers instead of administrators by being smarter with educational funds. Administrative costs should not grow while wages and jobs stagnate for teachers. Meaningful changes in the lives of students come from innovative teachers, not bureaucrats.
There are many more unheard frustrations in Ward 6 that I hope to be a voice for on the Council. Together, we can uncover more of these fundamental issues and propose solutions that both protect rights and lead to a community of which we can be even more proud.
With Regards, your neighbor,

Pranav Badhwar

Pranav Badhwar, Libertarian for Ward 6 city council debate with Democrats

My apologies for the thin audio; the fact that the Democratic candidates are boring technocrats speaking in bromides is not my responsibility.

As you see from the Q&A period, the people there were 85% white and 50% gray headed, in their 60s or older.  But some of the Democrats in the audience then refer to how diverse Ward 6 is (it is racially diverse — but not at this event, aside from the actual candidates on the panel).  Particularly amusing is one well dressed older white gal who introduces herself as a union activist opposed to WalMart and other big box stores that might offer the many unemployed young people of color in D.C. a job.  From her elitist, statist position she announces that all jobs are not good jobs and she wants to forbid black teens and others from getting those bad WalMart jobs.

Libertarian candidates forum schedule

Libertarians have, as usual, been excluded from a number of forums with increasingly legalistic and more complicated rationalizations, now that we have permanent ballot access and a primary with 7 ballot qualified candidates on the April primary ballot.

In the past gatekeepers and censors protecting DC’s one party monopoly would just say “no one allowed unless they are already on the ballot by April or are in a recognized party.”

This year one Georgetown mayoral forum at Dumbarton Oaks moderated by Current newspapers publisher Davis Kennedy was held with so little advance notice in early January that Libertarians didn’t even really have time to complain about the false advertising – that it was actually a partisan Democrats’ only forum, heavy with Democrats who were polling at 1% and skipped by some of the major Democratic candidates.

Then a coalition of groups led by DC for Democracy held a forum at the 6th and I synagogue (video previously posted here below). The DC4Ders claimed when asked if Libertarians were invited that only candidates in primaries that were contested would be invited. But they were caught in a fib – they in fact only invited Democrats, and two Green Party candidates who were challenging each other in a Green Party primary showed up and claimed a right to speak. And once again the DC4Ders forum was attended by the incumbent mayor and a bunch of Democrats polling at 1% or 2%. Major challengers Jack Evans and Muriel Bowser skipped it.

Similarly the allegedly non-partisan or bi-partisan Kennedy Political Union at American University is holding a mayoral forum in February, and spending the AU corporate dollar advertising it to surrounding neighborhoods. But they only invited Democrats; it’s a partisan forum for the Democratic primary falsely advertised as a mayoral candidates forum. When I contacted them to ask if other parties would be invited, AU public relations director Andrew Huff said “only ballot qualified candidates are invited, so I guess it is in that sense a Democratic forum.”. When I pointed out that I AM a ballot qualified candidate on the April primary ballot he wrote back “oh, I guess it is just for Democrats” and agreed to advertise it more truthfully in the future. One wonders if once again major Democratic candidates will just skip the KPU forum, mainly before students who are not DC voters, but enjoy the advertising money AU spends publicizing their names in advertising to surrounding neighborhoods – a nice gift to grateful incumbents?

Libertarians will be in a growing number of forums in February and March including:

Pranav Badhwar, Ward 6 city council debate, February 20, Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church, 201 4th Street SE, 7 pm

Bruce Majors, Takoma Park/Brightwood/Shepherd Park neighborhood forum by Neighbors Inc. in February and before the ACLU in March (check back for locations and dates).

DC Libertarian candidate statements

The Board of Elections ask for candidate statements by January 2nd, that can be  placed in the candidate guides for voters in the April primary.  Here are the Libertarian candidate statements.

Ryan Sabot.  Ward 3 City council

Ward 3 is ready for a departure from the same old political scene that it has been dealing with for seven years. Ward 3 is ready for someone who can accurately represent the Ward’s unique needs in the DC Council, and Ward 3 is undoubtedly ready to make this change in November. Your vote will ensure DC stays open for business, drastically cuts taxes, continues to ensure school choice, guarantees all their personal liberty, and gives residents more transportation options. I am positive that we can obtain these things in government and that, together, we can start in November. 


Sara Jane Panfil.  Delegate to Congress.

I left New York City for Washington, D.C. almost four years ago in search of lower rents, greater economic freedom, and greater personal freedom.  Although D.C. is certainly a freer place in many respects (the District does not presume to dictate what size beverage one can enjoy, for example), its citizens still live in the midst of a drug war, in a place that is hostile to Wal-Mart and other forms of economic development, where union contracts are protected over citizens’ personal property and dignity.  I hope to have the opportunity to fight for the District’s citizens as Congressional Delegate.

I left New York City for Washington, D.C. almost four years ago in search of lower rents, greater economic freedom, and greater personal freedom.  Although D.C. is certainly a freer place in many respects (the District does not presume to dictate what size beverage one can enjoy, for example), its citizens still live in the midst of a drug war, in a place that is hostile to Wal-Mart and other forms of economic development, where union contracts are protected over citizens’ personal property and dignity.  I hope to have the opportunity to fight for the District’s citizens as Congressional Delegate.


John Daniel. Shadow Senator.

My focus will be to get DC its voting rights, by disrupting the status quo. I will promote the Libertarian message of protecting American social liberties, less foreign involvement, less centralized government, that is fiscally responsible by not wasting taxpayer hard earned dollars! The most important issue is innovating the disastrous tax code, by giving municipalities the freedom to collect more of their own taxes, than the Federal Government. This will empower Americans to be more in control of their communities, and in turn will create a competitive, accountable, and eventually a thriving environment


Martin Moulton. Shadow Representative

DC must stop condemning families and communities by forcing students attend failing schools. Government must empower ALL parents to send children to the best schools.

The District’s drug war puts unsustainable burdens on MPD, judicial, and incarceration facilities with funds better used on other public services, preventative education and treatment. DC must stop incarcerating #BlackMenAndBoys and other minorities for non-violent drug offenses at rates grossly out of line with the demographic reality of drug usage in DC and elsewhere. Current policies destroy individuals, families, and communities and enrich the gun industry in the drugwar firearms race as criminals seek to out gun police. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and crack might degrade the human immune system making it susceptible to cancer and other disease. But the urgent need to end continued violence, motivated by cash-only markets and turf battles, grossly outweighs government’s role in regulating choices through destructive prohibition.

As a DC41 member is was arrested in protest of Federal tyranny that denies our civil rights and the full benefits of US citizenship.

Pranav Badhwar. Ward 6 City Council

My wife and I are devoted to this city where our children were born and attend school. I create and launch wireless products for a living, and understand the hard work needed to effectively deliver services to the public. I want to see DC flourish, and envision a city that protects rights over your body, property, and associations. A city which generates opportunities for the neediest, where men and women can thrive as small business owners, where people have affordable housing and transportation, and where our youth attend effective schools and are no longer jailed for non-violent drug offences.

Frederick Steiner, City Council At Large

I’ve lived in the DC area for 10 years, after the birth of my daughter I learned I could no longer remain aloof from the community I lived in. I learned that everyone has a shared interest in things like good schools and safe streets, that vibrant neighborhoods create opportunities for all, that transparency and openness is a requirement for good governance. I needed to do my part in the attainment of those ideals. I have no grand political aspirations, and self funded my campaign so I don’t owe anyone anything. I’m just a person trying to do the right thing. 

Bruce Majors, Mayor

I have lived in DC since 1980.  I have watched it become morbidly obese, with a swollen $9 billion dollar budget, that just like real obesity leads to many diseases: corruption and cronyism, high rents and no affordable housing, as the politically connected line up for your tax dollars.  The DC political class needs to be put on a diet, and opportunities need to be legalized for those who are not federal lawyers or lobbyists with 6 figure incomes taken from the taxpayer.  Your vote for Libertarians starts these needed changes.

Pranav Badhwar 5th Libertarian headed for DC April primary

A 5th Libertarian will appear on the DC ballot, Capitol Hill resident Pranav Badhwar, running for the Ward 6 city council seat.  Badhwar, a Hill resident since 2003, is married and the father of two.  A senior product manager at a telecommunications firm, he was a 2012 Ron Paul delegate.

Mr. Badhwar picked up petitions this morning to place his name on the April 2014 primary ballot, accompanied by Libertarian mayoral candidate Bruce Majors, who turned in more than enough signatures to secure his own spot on the ballot, as well as enough for Delegate to Congress candidate Sara Panfil and City Council At Large candidate Frederick Steiner.

Four DC Libertarians had earlier filed for petitions with the DC 
Board of Elections, and already collected enough signatures to 
assure them places on the April 2014 primary ballot. Winners in 
the primary are automatically assured placement on the November 
2014 general election ballot.

The candidates are:Frederick Steiner, City Council At Large; Sara 

Jane Panfil, Delegate to Congress; Bruce Majors, Mayor;  Ryan 
Sabot, Ward 3 city council representative.  More candidates are 
being recruited, for an unprecedented nearly full slate never before 
put on the ballot by any DC party other than the Democrats. A newly 
created elected Attorney General position is open to any member of 
the DC Bar. Wards 1 (Petworth/Columbia Heights), 5 (Brookland) 
have races, as well as City Council Chair, school board, and 
Advisory Neighborhood Commission.  If you or anyone you know 
would like to learn more about running for office, please contact: 
Bruce Majors 

Pictured – Pranav (left) with 2012 Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson.