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Jesse Walker Book Party Tuesday

Jesse Walker – The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory ♦

Aug 20, 2013, 7 p.m.
What’s more American than a conspiracy theory? Walker, Reason book editor and the author of Rebels on the Air, examines the role of paranoia in American history. Finding it a kind of folklore, Walker identifies five recurrent motifs and explores what these plotlines say about the country’s basic beliefs and fears.
Beer and wine will be available.

ISBN-13: 9780062135551
Published: Harper, 8/2013 

5015 Connecticut Ave NW



District Of Columbia

United States

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"Copperhead" premier in Alexandria tonight

No Gods, No Generals, Just People

This weekend sees the debut of Copperhead, a movie set in upstate New York during the Civil War. It was directed by Ron Maxwell, who has several Civil War movies to his credit, and it was scripted by Bill Kauffman, a former Reason staffer who still occasionally contributes to the magazine.
AMC Hoffman 22Director Ron Maxwell will be doing a Q&A on both 6/30 and 7/1 following the 7:10 pm shows.
206 Swamp Fox Rd, Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 236-1083

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Newlyweds Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman and the Freedom to Carry

McArdle Wins Worst Newtown Reaction Award

Megan McArdle, a DC libertarian writer (and wife of reason magazine editor Peter Suderman) provides a target for leftover Jonathan Chait’s continuing jihad against all things libertarian.  (Perhaps New York magazine should actually have disclosed that Chait is regularly sliced and diced in the pages of his subject’s husband’s magazine.)

There isn’t actually anything unlibertarian about gun control as long as the control is not the government disarming the citizens so it could more easily abuse them. Any libertarian will say that a shopping mall, or condo association, or homeowner, can tell you you can’t bring this or that weapon into her property. 

The problem is that government owns the streets, parks, subyways, buses, schools, airports, etc. and does a lousy job of keeping armed lunatics, and for that matter, litter bugs, rapists, mosquitos and rats, mashers, flashers, gangs, marching Nazis, and the Westboro Baptist Church, from committing crimes or just being nuisances, on public property. The solution would be to have all these things owned and run privately whether by downtown business district associations, the Nature Conservancy, or for profit companies. They would implement policies that respond to consumer demand and hazard insurance risk assessments, and would control guns on their own property while not forbidding one to have one in one’s own home (or at least if so only by condo bylaws one would choose to buy into or not.)

Democrat Website Publishes List of Obama Accomplishments, Half of Them Are the Names of People He’s Killed

Because the studio audience needs to know when to clap, the Democratic Hub, a forum for the “Advanced Liberal Political Community,” keeps a running tab of President Obama’s accomplishments. Half the list, as Charles Davis points out, is dead people:
The rest of the list contains many more evil Muslims, which proves that Obama truly is the best. 

Reason editor at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Joining Greta von Susteren, Lindsey Lohan, Senator Rand Paul, Sandra Fluke and other notables at tonight’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner is Lucy Steigerwald of Reason magazine.

The ultimate Beltway cosmotarian insider, Ms. Steigerwald will be wearing a Vera Wang sea foam colored gown with thousands of semi-precious beads individually hand sewn by blind Chinese orphans.

The menu for the event has just been released, also featuring many Asian delicacies, but not the rumored Tibetan monk’s liver pate.

(Obviously humor.  Ms. Steigerwald, a second generation radical libertarian, or as she self-deprecatingly puts it, “Rothtard,” really is someone’s date at the WH dinner tonight though.  Have fun!)

Reason happy Hour June 28

Come to Reason’s DC HQ on Tuesday, June 28 from 6 – 8pm to celebrate the release of Nick Gillespie & Matt Welch’s manifesto, The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong With America
The book, which will be published by Public Affairs on the day of the party, has already been hailed as “the up-to-date statement of libertarianism” (Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution) and “an enthusiastic, entertaining libertarian critique of American politics (Kirkus Reviews). Celebrating the commercial and cultural innovations of the past 40 years that have made our lives better, The Declaration of Independents puts the pursuit of happiness at the center of a 21st-century American dream while providing an idealistic yet pragmatic blueprint for a country that is tired of debt, recession, and war. Go to to order your copy from your favorite online bookstore today, or buy a copy at the event and have it autographed by the authors.
  • What: Declaration of Independents Book Party & Signing with Nick Gillespie & Matt Welch
  • Where: Reason’s DC HQ at 1747 Connecticut Ave. NW, two blocks North of Dupont Circle
  • When: Tuesday, June 28 from 6 – 8pm.
Enjoy beer, wine, light refreshments, and discussion with your fellow independents throughout the evening.

This event is free and open to the public. Space is limited and RSVPs are required. to confirm your attendance.