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LP Maryland 2015 Convention: Robert Sarvis

The audio on this video doesn’t start until minute 15. Better audio here.


DC corporate media censoring news coverage of Libertarian candidates

It does seem like there is going to be a local DC media blackout of the Libertarians, by

WMAL — where most of the on air talent claim to be libertarian-leaning, but never mention any DC or Virginia Libertarian candidates, except to attack them the day after the election, as they did Robert Sarvis when he ran for Governor in 2013.  WMAL seems to have orders from its corporate owners to push Cuccinelli, Gillespie and Catania and never mention or interview Libertarians.  Is it a Republican thing or do they just like Italians?
Washington City Paper – ran a long article when we only had three candidates recruited, perhaps mainly so they could say Libertarians are all nerdy white guys.  Now that we have 9 candidates, including black and brown and gay and female candidates, they don’t cover them much, especially any Libertarian candidate of color;
The Washington Post – where pretty much every reporter except Michael DeBonis reports that there are are only 3 candidates (including my friend Carol Schwartz who has little chance of being elected), and occasionally even mentions the Green Party candidate, but have stopped mentioning Libertarians especially me.
(The gay press, MetroWeekly and the Washington Blade, are covering us.  I believe the Washingtonian is going to as well.)

Of course, most local coverage is essentially sports coverage — who is up, who is down.  Or it’s just about who is white or black or gay or unmarried.  Nothing about ideas or policies.  These are the same people who never exposed any corruption in DC until Tim Day and other private citizens brought it to light.  Who have never looked at who donates hundreds of thousands to all our incumbents from Eleanor Holmes Norton down, and whether it correlates with committees they sit on and votes they take.

So, we have to raise money and bypass them.  We’ve distributed around 6,000 brochures and I just got another 4,000 door knockers on school choice that we will be going door to door with.  Our website goes live this week (if you don’t get a snail mail fundraising letter you can give there when it is up).
We will be campaigning mainly on 5 issue areas (vaguely in order of emphasis) :
1) radically expanded school choice to address DC’s failed schools.  DC currently budgets $29,000 per pupil for public school students, but only $17,000 for charter schools and even less for students who use an opportunity voucher to attend an independent school.  This is the subject of the door knocker we are distributing now.  We want voters to vote Libertarian to signal to the DC political class that they want unequal and discriminatory funding against charter schools to end.
2) refocusing criminal justice on real crime – people are being assaulted for appearing to be gay, for having an Iphone, etc. all over town – a libertarian just last week in NoMa – while DC prosecutes alleged prostitutes and other victimless crimes and sets up ticket trap surveillance cameras.  In addition DC residents who go to federal prison are shipped around the country where their relatives cannot find them (we have no local prison), and we have DC residents who cannot get jobs because of their criminal record for involvement in victimless crimes.
3) pointing out all the ways DC keeps people without law degrees from getting a job, starting a business, or becoming wealthy, by making it illegal for them to start a school, cook and sell food, braid hair, provide day care, etc. etc.
4) encouraging voters to vote for the marijuana legalization initiative, including people who are usually non-voters, and while they are at it voting Libertarian for candidates who would push that issue.
5) calling for an end to DC policies that restrict the supply of housing, driving up rents and causing homelessness, including limiting the height of buildings (so the city is filled up with 10 story buildings to meet our growing housing demand, since no once can build a 40 or 50 story one) and regulating owners of smaller multi-unit buildings with moderately priced apartments so that they sell out to condo and apartment developers and leave the DC market to invest in Virginia.
If we end up getting more donations this month we may do internet and radio ads, as well as more door knockers.  We will also be doing more substantial responses to and alternatives to the welcome platforms some of the other candidates have finally put out.
As always, the dollars per vote spent by Libertarians will be far less and far more efficient than the incumbent candidates.  They’ve already spent $4 million, which means they’ve already spent way over $10 per vote, which is even more than Democrats and Republicans usually spend (often around $3 per vote).  Libertarians typically spend less than $1 per vote, since we don’t receive corporate, union, or PAC donations.

Robert Sarvis announces for Senate

It’s on the internet, so it must be true: ROBERT SARVIS is running for the U.S. Senate this year!

SHARE the news and tell every Virginia voter you know. With Congress at a 9% approval rating, and the federal government off the rails, it’s time for a change in direction. And VIRGINIA will lead the way.

Now you REALLY have to be there at the Libertarian Party of Virginia’s state convention on February 8th in Richmond. The LP will nominate its Senate candidate, Mr. Sarvis will give a keynote speech, and the Sarvis campaign will be organizing the ballot petition drive in earnest.

Also, we want to see a FULL SLATE of candidates for the House of Representatives. Be BOLD! If you’ve ever thought about running, please make every effort to be at the state convention, or get in touch with us ASAP! Let’s Go Big in 2014, Virginia Libertarians!

Are Republicans (and Democrats) inferior goods?

You might think an inferior good is something like the lesser of two evils.

It’s actually a piece of basic economics jargon.  An inferior good is a good that people buy less of as they earn higher incomes or accumulate more wealth, unlike a normal good.  For example as people earn more money they usually buy more square footage of housing (as well as buying more in terms of a higher price as they move to better locations and more luxurious construction and finishes) – housing is a normal good.  Vacation homes are a normal good; people buy more of them as they become (or in inflationist economies, believe) that they are wealthier.

Inferior goods are things like second hand mobile homes, or cheap beer, or dented bin items, or merchandise at the dollar store.  Few people buy more of these as they get wealthier.  But they buy more of them as they become poorer.

Now let’s consider what “being wealthier” means to an economist.  Ultimately it means being able to make more and more exchanges so you can trade what you have for more of the things that you want, thereby satisfying more of your desires.  So having more options is having a higher psychic income, just as having a higher monetary income tends to give you more options (since you can buy or rent a wider range of goods and services).

So the question is:  is the conventional two party election a form of poverty?

Having more options on the ballot makes voters wealthier, in that they have more options, even if they continued to choose to buy the same product.  Which is what they would do if the products they had been buying were normal goods.

But apparently the establishment parties and their candidates are not normal goods.  When you end barriers to entry to the political market, either by managing to get past the barrier to entry created by ballot access laws and getting a new party on the ballot, or by raising even a fraction of the money the establishment parties have and doing enough advertising that a small share of the marketplace of voters knows there is another product, people stop buying the product they used to buy and start buying the new product by voting for the new party.  As the recent Virginia gubernatorial race shows, this happens even when the new product (the Libertarian Party) spends $3 per customer on advertising and the old firms outspend it, paying $15-30 per consumer in advertising.

Republicans and Democrats are inferior goods.  People only buy them when they are impoverished in terms of choices and information.

Why Ken Cuccinelli deserved to lose

Another version of this was published at VA Right.

I spent the last two weeks handing out literature door to door in Arlington, Virginia and the last few days going to events in southern, central, southwest and far west Virginia for the Sarvis for Governor campaign.  I’ve been to Bedford, Chesterfield, Chesapeake, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Annandale, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Harrisonburg, Reston, Winchester and Roanoke.

I’ve met a lot of Ron Paul supporters who supported Robert Sarvis, who was polling at 8-13%.  The polls were all very inconsistent, some showing the Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, at 51%, some at 45%, and the Republican, Ken Cucinelli, anywhere from 39% to 44%.  Cuccinelli closed the gap toward the end, when his handlers finally let him take his balls out of the box, awakened by the public outcry against Obamacare as it was implemented.  MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said given another week of campaigning against Obamacare failure, Cuccinelli might have won; but it is also true that if he had started being aggressive a week or two earlier he might have as well.  Rather than own up to this GOP failure, the consultants and the talk radio spinners are blaming the Libertarian.

Libertarian Robert Sarvis got the biggest chunk of his vote, over 40%, from people who said they would otherwise not vote, probably not unlike the kind of vote Ron Paul turned out for primaries and caucuses.  This is important to note since in reply to this discussion, Norman Singleton, a longtime staff economist in Ron Paul’s Congressional office and a current staffer at Campaign for Liberty, insisted that it is “conventional wisdom” that Libertarians take Republican votes.  Warning Bell #1 – a Paul functionary approvingly quoting “conventional wisdom.”  In one poll, one third of Sarvis voters had Cuccinelli as a second choice and a fifth had McAuliffe as a second choice.

In the last two weeks, a somewhat desperate Cucinelli campaign attacked Sarvis, usually with weird and irrelevant picayune issues: that one of his unpaid staff tweeted a response to a Ron Paul organizer pointing out that she was a devotee of a recherché Beckian conspiracy hypothesis; another Ron Paul organizer posted 6 seconds, not even a full sentence, from a wonky Sarvis answer, onto YouTube, making it seem that Sarvis favors a new tax (Robert Sarvis has three policy papers on the Mercatus Center website calling for less spending and less regulation); others charge that Sarvis is not really a libertarian because he said he studied all schools of economic thought, not just Paul approved Austrian economics;  or just the general cry that Sarvis is a spoiler causing McAuliffe to win.  On this last point the Cucinelli Paulistas were so desperate to get another 2% for Ken from the Sarvis vote that they ignore the evidence that if Sarvis weren’t there some of his voters would also increase McAuliffe’s total.  In the end, the Libertarian spent less per vote than Cuccinelli did since all spending for Sarvis was $380000 and Ken spent $15 million. He spent almost 45 times what they did. But he got less than 7 times their vote. And he didn’t have to first spend his money to collect 18,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

So apparently Republican candidates aren’t cost effective.

On the last day of the campaign Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze reports that an Obama supporting high tech donor gave money to a PAC that gave to the Sarvis ballot drive, and every conservative chattering monkey from Hannity and Chris Plante on down has called this a dirty trick and said Sarvis is created by the Democrats to hurt the GOP.  Even though the Virginia Libertarian Party always gets on the ballot, including for gubernatorial races, with or without a donation from a Democrat.  And even though the biggest independent expenditure for Sarvis was from the all libertarian Purple PAC, $300,000 for radio and TV ads in the last two weeks of the campaign (and overlooking that Sarvis gave his own campaign twice as much as this Obama affiliated donor).  As one Paul organizer said of why she is supporting Cuccinelli, “personnel is policy.”  She’s right.  Ken Cuccinelli deserves to lose; the GOP infrastructure supporting him is shot through and through with liars and smear merchants.  Note well by the way all the conservative media outlets, The Blaze, Breitbart, and DC’s WMAL that spread last minute questions for and charges against Sarvis never interviewed him earlier or had him on their air.  And their friends kept him out of the debates where these issues might have been aired.  Should such a Nixonian GOP be rewarded with victories?

As to Rand and Ron Paul, it’s funny that Paulistas assume that they know how voters will vote, and how they will vote given their changing expectations about the outcome.  Their own Austrian economics says they don’t and that their attacks on Sarvis represent, as their hero FA Hayek entitled two of his books, “a fatal conceit,” and “a pretense of knowledge.”   Surely some voters change their vote, giving it to or taking it from an independent candidate, depending on who they think is winning.  The Paulistas assume that votes are static and a zero sum game, in direct contradiction to their Austrian economics, which would instead suggest that competition and markets are dynamic and a discovery process, where a new “firm” or a new “product” like the Sarvis campaign, actually increases the size of the market and the number of market participants, and where these new entrants as well as everyone else discover what they want to “buy” during the process of the campaign, not before entering it.  But the Paul’s assume they possess this knowledge, and that they can centrally plan the liberty movement. Norm Singleton has told me that my use of the phrase “central planning” is a smear on the Paul’s.  But the problems of central planning related to decentralized information are known to apply to large firms in a market economy, which may be so big that their internal operations, no longer run by prices, become dysfunctional. And since Paulistas encouraged us to get behind the GOP, now once again shown to be unpopular, shot through with liars, and a flailing failure (unwilling to really fight, until the very end of their campaign, when it was too late), it looks like this is a case of dysfunction.  This hubris led them to waste a lot of time attacking, and even lying about, Sarvis, instead of competing for votes with McAuliffe.  Including ironically charges that Sarvis is not sufficiently Austrian (is Ken?) or is too moderate and wonky and doesn’t oppose taxes (didn’t Ken Cuccinelli’s administration and governor just raise taxes?)

Now the Pauls no doubt have good reasons to support Ken Cuccinelli.  He quashed a move to change the election rules during the Virginia primaries last year, when only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul did the onerous work to make it onto the Virginia ballot and Newt Gingrich and other slackers asked for special favors to be put on without collecting signatures and doing the work.  (That is, all the other Republicans in that primary were kept off the ballot by the same restrictive ballot access laws the Libertarians face every election, which is why Robert Sarvis aimed for 10%, to get the Libertarians permanent ballot status and free them from annual petition gathering, by complying with the Republican co-authored ballot access law which requires them to get 10%.)  This “favor” (of obeying the Virginia law) that Cuccinelli did Ron Paul must be repaid.  And presumably a Governor Cuccinelli would have been helpful to a 2016 Rand Paul presidential effort.

The Paul’s and their groups, like Campaign for Liberty, have decided that they must centrally plan the liberty movement.  They know best, and like Obama or some other statist, they want to collectivize our eggs and invest them all in one basket, the GOP.  As anyone who knows me knows, I am only supportive of Paulian efforts, from Rand’s anti-NSA petitions, to C4L kids protesting Syria, to recruiting candidates like Thomas Massie and Justin Amash.  And I would support any William Proxmire or Eugene McCarthy type Democrats who try to liberate Democrats from the Borg that controls them, should these extinct species reappear.  And the Paul’s and others are free to PERSUADE us that their strategy is the best, or even only, one.  But when they start lying and spinning, though it is not coercion, it is akin to the demand of the central planner that they know best and we must invest all in their 5 year plan, even if we think it may fail.

Election Day Volunteers Needed

Hi All! Thank you for volunteering to hand out material on Election Day. We encourage you to choose from the list of polling precincts; especially those within our Libertarian candidate’s Tellez and Delhomme districts’. Please respond to Carey Shaw with your volunteer availability. Once we hear from you we will begin to coordinate getting material out. Thanks again for all your help! – Carey
HSE 053- Tellez (most active # of registrant polling places)

525 WALNUT HILL 35 53 Alan Leis Center at Walnut Hill
7423 Camp Alger Ave., Falls Church 22042

721 MERRIFIELD 35 53 Luther Jackson Middle School
3020 Gallows Rd., Falls Church 22042

714 WALKER 34 53 Fairhill Elementary School
3001 Chichester Lane, Fairfax 22031

708 MARSHALL 35 53 Marshall High School
7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church 22043

HSE 047- Delhomme (most active # of registrant polling places)

Ashton Heights 002 Clarendon United Methodist Church
606 N Irving St

Park Lane 018 Key Elementary School
2300 Key Blvd

Central 046 Central Library Auditorium
1015 N Quincy St

Lexington 031 Lee Center
5722 Lee Hwy

FAIRFAX COUNTY (polling places)

125 SIGNAL HILL 37 41 Lake Braddock Secondary School
9200 Burke Lake Rd., Burke 22015

420 VILLAGES 36 43 Hayfield Secondary School
7630 Telegraph Rd., Alexandria 22315

854 NEWGATE SOUTH 39 40 Centreville High School
6001 Union Mill Rd., Clifton 20124

To visit The Northern Virginia Libertarian Meetup, go here:

Are Virginia Ron Paul activists self-contradictory?

Remember last year when all our Ron Paul libertarian friends, including the ones in Virginia now working on the Ken Cuccinelli campaign, complained that the GOP did not let Dr. Paul speak at the convention in Tampa? Will they complain that Libertarian Robert Sarvis is kept out of the debate tonight?

  • N As a Cuccinelli supporter, I do think it’s pretty ridiculous to not let a 3rd party candidate who’s polling as well as Sarvis debate. Not gonna change my mind on voting for Ken, but hey I haven’t liked most of the campaign’s tactics over the last year.

  • K Oct 9th… he needed a 10% poll average. He failed to meet those requirements. He is also NOT libertarian and does NOT have Ron Pauls endorsement.

  • K The latest poll from yesterday had him at 10 now. Rules are rules. They make deadlines because of debate advertisement.

  • J” It certainly bothers me. I recall quite well when the major networks excluded Ron Paul in 2007/08. How can we condemn that behavior then and be okay with this now simply because he isn’t Ron Paul’s choice?

    Yes, and what if the rules stated that anyone with an “R” next to their name couldn’t be included in the debate?  Rules are important, yes, but when they exclude candidates who will be on the ballot, that to me is a problem.

    • ” N  “K” this isn’t an argument we win. The honorable thing for the Cuccinelli Campaign to do would have been to issue a statement saying they think he should be included in the debate.

    • Bruce Majors My understanding is the TV station hosting tonight said they would include him if the other two campaigns agreed to it.

      • Josh Yes, I read as much and also that the McAuliffe campaign agreed. Cuccinelli cannot win over Sarvis supporters if they think he is trampling on free speech. I’d be surprised if many Sarvis supporters even watch the debate.

      • John  Keith  I understand he has scored higher in other polls.

      • Ltwo PRIVATE parties should not hold our great republic hostage!
      • Richard  It seems to me that the FCC rule for equal time might apply.  Yeah, I know, federal crap, but when you’re drowning I’m not sure it really makes much difference who throws you the life preserver.

      • Chris Rules are rules…just like the ones that prevented Ron Paul delegates from casting their votes for Dr. Paul at the convention, right? Because the rules are there, we just just blindly follow them, I guess