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Are Virginia Ron Paul activists self-contradictory?

Remember last year when all our Ron Paul libertarian friends, including the ones in Virginia now working on the Ken Cuccinelli campaign, complained that the GOP did not let Dr. Paul speak at the convention in Tampa? Will they complain that Libertarian Robert Sarvis is kept out of the debate tonight?

  • N As a Cuccinelli supporter, I do think it’s pretty ridiculous to not let a 3rd party candidate who’s polling as well as Sarvis debate. Not gonna change my mind on voting for Ken, but hey I haven’t liked most of the campaign’s tactics over the last year.

  • K Oct 9th… he needed a 10% poll average. He failed to meet those requirements. He is also NOT libertarian and does NOT have Ron Pauls endorsement.

  • K The latest poll from yesterday had him at 10 now. Rules are rules. They make deadlines because of debate advertisement.

  • J” It certainly bothers me. I recall quite well when the major networks excluded Ron Paul in 2007/08. How can we condemn that behavior then and be okay with this now simply because he isn’t Ron Paul’s choice?

    Yes, and what if the rules stated that anyone with an “R” next to their name couldn’t be included in the debate?  Rules are important, yes, but when they exclude candidates who will be on the ballot, that to me is a problem.

    • ” N  “K” this isn’t an argument we win. The honorable thing for the Cuccinelli Campaign to do would have been to issue a statement saying they think he should be included in the debate.

    • Bruce Majors My understanding is the TV station hosting tonight said they would include him if the other two campaigns agreed to it.

      • Josh Yes, I read as much and also that the McAuliffe campaign agreed. Cuccinelli cannot win over Sarvis supporters if they think he is trampling on free speech. I’d be surprised if many Sarvis supporters even watch the debate.

      • John  Keith  I understand he has scored higher in other polls.

      • Ltwo PRIVATE parties should not hold our great republic hostage!
      • Richard  It seems to me that the FCC rule for equal time might apply.  Yeah, I know, federal crap, but when you’re drowning I’m not sure it really makes much difference who throws you the life preserver.

      • Chris Rules are rules…just like the ones that prevented Ron Paul delegates from casting their votes for Dr. Paul at the convention, right? Because the rules are there, we just just blindly follow them, I guess 

Robert Sarvis campaign makes lemonade — and you can buy a glass!

Today I was at a conservatarian, fusionist panel where Stephen Bannon of said Robert Sarvis could get 10% of the vote because, according to him, so many voters who won’t vote Democratic were unhappy with the Republican offerings (we will be posting video later).

Here’s the latest insider strategery:

Dear Sarvis supporter:

SSSHHH!!! Don’t tell Cooch or Terry!

Want to help Robert Sarvis launch a sneak media offensive on the
 “other guys”??!! Here’s how:

If Cooch & Terry manage to keep Sarvis out of Wed.’s debate we
have a TOP SECRET plan to MAXIMIZE media exposure…make
lemons out of lemonade…
BUT We NEED TO RAISE a modest sum – $5000 – to do this…

…to GET ROBERT SARVIS out in front of more Virginia voters than
 would otherwise pay attention to the debate itself.

Donate today!

PS: Remember, every dollar you donate to Sarvis for Gov. 2013 gets
more bang for your buck.

Here’s the Richmond Times-Dispatch report:

“According to the VPAP figures, Sarvis spent roughly $9,400 for each
percentage point of his recently polled support…the major party
candidates have spent more than $70,000 per percentage point.”

Please join me and help us throw this at Cooch & Terry and sneak up
and overtake them in the polls!  Help us reach our goal by debate day
Wed. at 7pm!

Thank you!! – JVLaB

J.V. LaBeaume
Communications Dir. & Strategist
Sarvis for Governor 2013
Virginia: “Open-minded and Open for Business”
Twitter: @RobertsarvisVA

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Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis calls for Ken Cuccinelli to drop out of Virginia race

Speaking before supporters at the Hard Times Cafe in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, Thursday, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis said he is drawing voters from both Democrat McAuliffe and Republican Cuccinelli, as well as voters who usually stay home out of disinterest in both major parties.

Questioned by small “l” libertarian Republicans after the official question period, Sarvis insisted that Cuccinelli cannot win, being 7 points below McAuliffe, but that he, Sarvis, could, given that both Cuccinelli and McAullife are underwater, with higher negatives than positive ratings.  Sarvis called on Cuccinelli to drop out and  let the Libertarian campaign have his $2 million campaign chest to beat McAullife, who is widely disliked for his corruption, stupidity, and crony corporatism.

Sarvis promised more meet and greets and events in Arlington and northern Virginia (this was his first) in the last 8 weeks of the campaign.  Sarvis has run an active campaign, making many stops in Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Roanoke, Tidewater, Virginia Beach and other areas of central and southern Vorginia, and has received a high level of media coverage.  Polls have shown him near 10% in the 3 way race.  The Libertarian Party of Virginia is running a dozen candidates for Delegate as well, including Laura Delhomme, an Arlington resident who works in IT for a non-profit, who introduced Sarvis at the event.

Sarvis addressed marriage quality and the history of government intervention in marriage in Virginia, including prohibition of interracial marriage.  (Sarvis has a Chinese mother and his wife Astrid, a pediatrician, is African American.)  Mr. Sarvis has undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics and economics from Harvard and George Mason Universities, and a law degree from New York University Law School.

Robert Sarvis makes Virginia a 3 way race

Virginia: Open-minded, 
and Open for Business

Dear Sarvis supporter:

Libertarian Robert Sarvis just stepped off stage…a stage 
SARVIS SHARED with Ken Cuccinelli & Terry McAuliffe.

Sarvis was up there on stage with the Dem and GOPer as part 
of Virginia’s historical campaign kickoff, the Buena Vista,
 Va. Labor Day Parade.

A kick off the campaign, Sarvis sure did!

Moments later, The Roanoke Times broke the news with 
this headline:
 “Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe, Robert Sarvis campaign for governor at the Buena Vista Labor Day parade.”

That’s right, the largest nearby newspaper put “Sarvis” in 
the headline with the other guys.

This is quickly becoming a THREE-WAY RACE!

TWO TV stations interviewed Robert today and WMAL 
radio news in Northern Virginia just featured SARVIS 
ALONE on its recap of the Buena Vista parade.  NO 
MENTION of Cuccinelli or McAuliffe!!

We’re on our way here folks, but Robert Sarvis needs 
your help.

We don’t have the millions that the other guys are
 frittering away, but the Sarvis campaign does need money.

KICK OFF the campaign and DONATE to Sarvis today

Labor Day, the official start of the contest.

Every dollar you give buys signs, bumperstickers, ads and mailers – all that boost “Sarvis” name recognition,
and when Virginians hear about Robert Sarvis, he wins votes!

Your gift goes straight to winning votes, not lining the pockets of campaign “consultants” like the campaign cash that Cuccinelli and McAuliffe are throwing away each day.

With your help, Robert Sarvis can fight his way into a THREE-WAY race, and if that happens, who knows how far he’ll go…? Will you join us as we make Libertarian electoral history, please?
Thank you!! – JVLaB

J.V. LaBeaume
Communications Dir. & Strategist
Sarvis for Governor 2013 Virginia: “Open-minded and Open for Business” Twitter: @RobertsarvisVA

Terry McAuliffe corruption cover up by Washington Post


On Saturday, The Washington Post ran 

a lengthy article on Virginia Democratic 

gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s 

controversial ties with the failed green car 

company GreenTech. For the story, the Post 

interviewed a bevy of individuals associated 

with GreenTech, including four interviewed in 

Citizens United’s documentary on McAuliffe, 

Fast Terry: Barbara Tuchel, local activist and 

former candidate for Tunica County’s Board 

of Supervisors; Charles Overstreet, former 

GreenTech employee; Melvin Griffen, former 

GreenTech employee; and Rev. McKinely Daley, 

of the Tunica Coujnty’s Board of Supervisors.

The Post’s story did admit that “a review of 
hundreds of public records and interviews with
 former employees and public officials in 
Virginia and Mississippi indicate that 
McAuliffe’s promises to create thousands 
of American jobs and millions of American-made
 cars have fallen short.”
But the story comes up short of calling GreenTech 
what it was: a crony capitalist deal between local 
authorities and high-ranking friends of high-ranking 
Democrats. The story also ignores Fast Terry itself, 
which has raised the issue of GreenTech on a national
 scale, even though the story interviews many of the 
same subjects as Fast Terry. 

Libertarian trying to shake up Va. governor’s race gets tough on top candidates

  • Sarvis_family3.jpg
    FILE: Undated: Robert Sarvis, a Libertarian Party candidate in the Virginia governor race. (Sarvis for Governor)
Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian Party candidate in the Virginia gubernatorial race, knows he’s a long shot to win. That’s typical for a third-party candidate going against a Democrat, a Republican and the well-funded operations that support them.
Yet Sarvis is hoping to ride the country’s recent wave of Libertarian enthusiasm long enough to at least shake up a race in which voters are showing unfavorable opinions for Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe and Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli, whose campaigns have been noted so far for their controversies.
Sarvis, a lawyer and Harvard math major with a young family, largely takes a measured, thought-out approach to matters but occasional reveal the edge for which outsider candidates are known – criticizing Democrats and his former Republican Party, alike.
He accuses both gubernatorial candidates of economic and social “engineering” in which they pick winners and losers based upon their views and those of their respective political party.
He argues personal and economic freedoms “cannot be separated out” and points out that Cuccinelli supports the coal industry while McAuliffe touts green energy.
“Instead of trying to free business from government, they are picking and choosing which industries they like better,” he told on Saturday. “I will tell the truth to Virginia voters.”
“McAuliffe is terrible for Virginia. He’s a national Democrat, not a Virginia Democrat,” Sarvis continued. “And Cuccinelli is too extreme on personal issues and not transparent on economic issues.”
However, breaking through to voters will continue to be difficult for Sarvis.
With a war chest of just $2,000 in cash on hand, compared to roughly $6 million for McAuliffe and $2.6 million for Cuccinelli, Sarvis will have limited opportunity for TV and radio campaign ads. And with support from just 7 percent of likely voters, he has been left out of debates and candidates forums, including one Friday in Northern Virginia.
Still, Sarvis remains optimistic, saying a young voter stopped him later that day while he and his family were having dinner in a restaurant in the area.
“We are creating awareness,” Sarvis said.
The same recent survey by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling that puts Sarvis in single digits shows McAuliffe, a former Democratic National Committee chairman, leading 41-to-37 percent over Cuccinelli, the state’s attorney general.
Forty-seven percent of voters had an unfavorable opinion of Cuccinelli, while 36 percent had the same opinion of McAuliffe, according to the poll.
The survey was released weeks before the federal government announced it was looking into whether McAuliffe’s former company, GreenTech Automotive, improperly took advantage of a foreign visa program to attract overseas investors.
Cuccinelli has meanwhile been attacked for accepting gifts from a political supporter who also gave loans and gifts to the family of Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell and a loan to a business the governor co-owns. A Richmond’s commonwealth’s attorney recently said he found no evidence that Cuccinelli violated the state ethics law.
Sarvis won his party’s nomination in April, about a month after deciding to run, which has also hurt with name recognition.
Still, party leaders are enthused about their candidate.
Chuck Moulton, the state party chairman, told the Huffington Post that Sarvis’ background as an entrepreneur and lawyer impressed party leaders, who didn’t like either of the mainstream candidates and saw in him the “opportunity to give voters a different choice.”
Childhood friend and New York attorney Michael Park recently told the website that Sarvis is “one of the smartest guys I’ve ever know.”
Sarvis said his campaign is reaching out to Gary Johnson, a 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former New Mexico Republican governor, who like Sarvis supports the legalization of marijuana.
Sarvis said his campaign has yet to formally contact retired Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul, whose 2012 presidential campaign inspired legions of young libertarians, and Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, whose libertarian views on the Obama administration’s use of drone strikes on Americans and the National Security Agency’s controversial surveillance program have sparked more enthusiasm for the personal-freedom movement.
He thinks the Kentucky senator might be wary of backing a candidacy at the risk of alienating national Republicans who support Cuccinelli but would welcome the support.

Read more:

Sarvis in Harrisonburg VA today

    • 5:30pm until 6:30pm

  • Court Square at Main Street, Harrisonburg VA
  • In keeping with longstanding tradition in the area, Robert Sarvis, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Virginia 2013, will be presenting public remarks on the steps of the Rockingham County/Harrisonburg VA Courthouse on Wednesday, August 14, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Tell your friends, stop by, hear what he has to say and ask your questions. He will be happy to answer them.